Three Reconstructions

2014, five instruments and computer (c. 17')

[Recorded at Tiger Dublin Fringe, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin, 18 September 2014.]

Three Reconstructions was specially written for Dublin Sound Lab’s Responses programme in the Atrium Space at Temple Bar Galley and Studio, as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2012. In this specially devised programme four Dublin composers (Piaras Hoban, Gráinne Mulvey, Fergal Dowling and Rob Canning) collaborated to create a common response to Ablinger's 3 Places Dublin in a performance for five wind musicians, interactive electronics and mobile audience distributed throughout the four levels of the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios Atrium space.



The instrumentalists – Joe O'Farrell, flute; Paul Roe, clarinet; Kevin O'Hara, horn; Eoghan Cooke, trumpet; Shane Clear, trumpet – are distributed on each of the floors of the atrium space. Each instrumentalist is recorded by a closely positioned microphone. A corresponding loudspeaker is located close to each instrumental position.

During three instrumental sections the computer records the isolated, sounded material of each instrument individually. In the in-between sections, the computer reassembles all of this material in dense mobile ‘chords’ which float in a continuous cycle, drifting upwards through the central void of the atrium, forming overlapping, unexpected and constantly shifting harmonies in combination with the space.

Three Reconstructions reference Peters Ablinger’s, 3 Places Dublin. A complete discussion of the programme and its context is given on the Dublin Sound Lab website