Stops II

2008, for violin, double bass, organ, computer, 6'25"
Recorded, St Teresa's Church, Dublin, 21 November 2008, Michael Quinn (organ), Fergal Dowling (computer), Marja Gaynor (violin), Mercedes Carroll (double bass).

Stops II was conceived to make special use of the MIDI-enabled pipe organ in St Teresa's Church, Dublin. The organ's MIDI interface enables two-way communication between the organ desk and the computer and allows for the organ to be played, and registration changes to be executed, remotely by computer. It is also possible for the organ to send performance data to the computer. During performance time the Stops II computer application captures accurately timed performance details at the organ manuals and pedal board. These details are used to trigger and replay the on-going performance and other instrumentalists.

Specifically, pedal board note-off events are used to time the recording of sounds left hanging in the air just after an organ note has ceased, as well as any other continuing sounds of the violin or double bass. Later during performance we can retrigger those recordings in a new context. The capture of these 'ghost sounds' initiates a self-referencing and re-contextualisation of an emerging new sound material. 

Stops II presents itself in a series of discrete sections, each of which is followed by representative samples of 'stops' from the continually expanding sample pool, sometimes heard over other sounded materials, sometimes heard in isolation, and sometimes in accumulated layers of elusive 'after-sounds'.