Cloud Types for Auditors

2004, fixed media 3D sound (13'15")

Cloud Types for Auditors uses granular synthesis to render an evolving parade of sound masses, or clouds, composed of many thousands of micro sound events distributed throughout a simulated space. Presented in partially overlapping sequences, seventeen slowly transforming cloud emerge, vanish, grow, shrink, rotate, retreat, coalesce, or dissolve into scattered points.

In this case, noise-based sound samples are used as source material to create a variety of sparse, colourless or transparent textures that allow the listener to hear through the soundfield and to perceive multiple simultaneous, spatially separated volumes.

Cloud Types for Auditors reveals extreme temporal ranges while over-stepping the intermediary rhythmic time range. The listener can focus on micro sound events – the clicks and bursts of each grain – while simultaneously attending to the super-sound objects – the mutating clouds structures – as they gradually describe and then envelop the space. The spatial distribution of the points within each cloud, whether dense or rare, static or dynamic, remains the defining element in our perception of the temporal density and formal unfolding.