Mixed Synthetic Fabrics (piano and computer), 2018
Stops VIII (one or two instruments and computer), 2014
Ground (organ, computer and suround sound), 2012
Stops V (cello and computer), 2010
Stops IV (harpsichord and computer), 2009
Stops III (viola and computer), 2009
Stops I (guitar and computer), 2007
Still I (cello and fixed media), 2006


Spoils II, Fleshes (harpsichord, 2 violins, cello and computer), 2016
Spoils III, Stones (harpsichord, 2 violins, cello and computer), 2016
Spoils V, Grounds (harpsichord, 2 violins, cello and computer), 2016
Three Reconstructions (five instruments and computer), 2014
Stops VI (flute, bassoon, harpsichord, computer), 2013
Sketch (actor, viola, harpsichord, computer), 2011
Still II (soprano, bass clarinet, computer), 2008
Stops II (violin, double bass, organ, computer), 2008
Ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass, computer), 2006
Fun with Numbers (twelve guitars and fixed media), 2006
The Musicians of Bremen (cello, double bass, fixed media), 2005
Industrial Society and Its Future (fl, cl, vn, pf, db, two voices), 2000

Fixed Media

Ground and Background (surround sound and four video screens), 2017
Spoils I, Unearths (multi-channel fixed media), 2016
Spoils IV, Remains (multi-channel fixed media and video), 2016
Manchester Material (8-channel), 2008
Quarters (4-channel), 2004
76 Seconds of Distorted Pulses (2-channel), 2005
Cloud Types for Auditors (8-channel surround sound), 2004
Pass (2-channel), 2004
Rain (4-channel), 2003
Rainground (4-channel), 2003
In the Meantime (2-channel), 2003
Rise (8-channel), 2003
Falls (2-channel), 2000

Voice and computer

I'm a Helicopter (voice, computer), 2005
Duet (voice, computer), 2003
Elsewhen (one or two voices, computer), 2003
Represent (two voices, computer), 2003
Present (two voices, computer), 2002


...and surfacing swims... (satb), 2002
Song for Astrid (satb), 1998