Ground and Background at Sonorities Festival
Ground and Background selected for Sonorities Festival, Belfast, with surround sound presentation at Sonic Lab, SARC, 18 April 2018.

Commission, New work for Klank ensemble
Commission for new work for Klank ensemble, funded by Klangpol, to be completed 2019 with performances in Dublin and Bremen

Bursary, Interactive work for Soprano and Video
In a three-way partnership with Elizabeth Hilliard and Mihai Cucu I will develop a new work for soprano and interactive music and video through collaborative, practice-based research. Arts Council Bursary. Dublin, autumn 2017

Commission, New work for Xenia Pestova
New work for piano and live electronics for Xenia Pestova. Arts Council Commission. Dublin, to be premiered at Music Current Festival, Smock Alley Theatre, 14 April 2017